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Who is eligible for customer support?
Who is eligible for customer support?

What kind of customer support do you offer, and for whom?

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At Viima, we strive to provide all of our customers with the best possible customer experience. To be able to achieve that, we’ve decided to focus our efforts on providing all of our customers with the best, most intuitive product, along with plenty of self-support materials in the business, such as this Help Center, our blog, our YouTube channel, and of course our online coaching program for Innovation Managers and Leaders: The Innovation System, which is included free of charge in our most extensive plans.

This has allowed us to serve more than 20 000 organizations across the globe.

In addition, our responsive and top-rated support and professional services are also available for paid customers. More information on these services, and what's included in your plan, can be found on our pricing page.

Should you want to discuss or purchase support services, please contact your account manager or our support in case you don’t yet have one.

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