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API Usage Guidelines
API Usage Guidelines
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While we want to make it easy for you to access our APIs, there are some limitations that we enforce to make sure individual users don't negatively affect the quality of service for our other users. As long as you work with common sense and comply with general best practices you're likely to never run across any of these limitations.

However, we reserve the right to block API access from any clients who don't comply with our guidelines. The list below might not be complete and is subject to change.

  • You must have an active subscription to our Premium or Enterprise plan

  • API access is rate limited, you should not exceed
    - 1 requests per second (per endpoint)
    - 1000 requests per day (in UTC time)

  • When using password-based authentication flows you must use strong enough passwords (20+ characters with lowercase, uppercase, digits, and special characters)

  • Integrations that poll our APIs for changes aren't allowed to use intervals more frequent than 5 minutes

  • All integrations must use valid OAuth2.0-based API clients

  • You must store time-to-live (TTL) data for OAuth access tokens, which will be returned to you whenever you generate an access token and use refresh tokens to renew your tokens

  • Requests resulting in an error response may not exceed 5% of your total requests

  • We reserve the right to deprecate or change APIs at any time but always strive to inform about significant changes in advance

For our interactive API documentation, please refer to

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