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Can I export the data in Viima?
Can I export the data in Viima?
Updated over a week ago

Of course! Viima allows you to export data on a per-board basis. Admin users can download Excel (.xlsx) or CSV exports from the admin portal of their board.

There are a few different reports, which you might be interested in:

  • Idea exports (Ideas tab of the admin portal). Export all ideas, or ideas matching your filters, along with data associated with the idea such as custom field values, comments, and likes. You can also schedule these reports to be sent automatically via email.

  • Evaluation export (Evaluation tab of the admin portal). Exports all evaluation data on the board.

  • User export (Users tab of the admin portal). Exports all users and related data on the board, including their activity points (a.k.a. leaderboard scores).

For more details on the topic, please refer to our guide on exporting data.

If you’d like to export data that is currently not accessible from the admin portal, or combine reports together, our REST API makes this effortless. You can e.g. put together PowerBI dashboards within minutes.

In addition, you can request custom data exports in whatever format you require, from our support. Depending on your plan, this may lead to additional charges.

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