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Getting Started with Viima
Guided Tour and Demo Videos of Viima
Guided Tour and Demo Videos of Viima
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UPDATE: The videos on this page are currently not up to date.

We are looking to update these as soon as possible. In the meanwhile, you can book a personal demo via this link.

Getting to know the product

We've put a lot of effort into making Viima as simple to use as possible, but it always takes a little while to get to know any new tool and especially to fully understand all of its possibilities.

So to ensure you get off to speed quickly, we've recorded brief demo videos that show you the basics by taking you around the tool. You can view them below. In case you can't watch them right now, here's a brief overview of how Viima works:

  • Viima revolves around boards: ideas are always collected on Viima boards.

  • Each board represents its own use case (continuous process, idea challenge, workshop...), and has it's own process, access rights, as well as other settings.

    • Most customers have one board per team, and additional ones for company-wide processes or one-off cases such as workshops and idea challenges.

  • You can view all of your boards from the organization home view. This is where you can also create new boards (from scratch, based on your other boards, or based on our best practice board templates).

    • Depending on your plan, you can anywhere from one to unlimited boards.

  • Most settings are managed on a per-board basis from the admin portal.

Viima board overview

Adding ideas

Likes and comments

Using statuses and notifications to model your idea management process

Using idea evaluation to prioritize ideas and choose the most promising ones

Navigating between boards

Admin portal walk-through

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