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Board templates (copy board settings)
Board templates (copy board settings)

What are Viima's board templates, and how can (and should) they be used?

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What are board templates?

Viima's board templates are an extremely handy tool for organizations that are looking to innovate at scale.

A Viima board represents a single use case. This could be anything from a continuous process, a one-off idea campaign, or even a board for facilitating a workshop.

Our board templates mean that you can set up a new board with everything configured to your precise needs within seconds.

Technically speaking, a board template copies all of the settings from an existing board (either your own, or one predefined by Viima).

Why use board templates?

Viima board are extremely configurable, so when you're first getting started, you probably won't know how all of the intricacies therein work. Board templates help you get started, so that you can focus on making minor tweaks to match your precise needs, as opposed to setting everything up from scratch.

Also, when you want to innovate at scale, and thus expand your usage of Viima, you'll often run into a need to create multiple boards with the same settings.

Let's say you have a 100 teams across the organization and you'd like to empower all of them to do continuous improvement and incremental innovation within their own sphere of control. You can simply create the process once and then use that as the template for all of the other teams, saving you days of configuration work.

This is also very useful for workshops, campaigns, idea challenges and other events like hackathons that you might want to run the same basic setup multiple times, either over time, or with different participants.

As board templates copy all of the settings from the existing board to the new board, you'll only need to do a couple of minor tweaks (such as naming the board, maybe changing the board image, and inviting users) and you're good to go.

Here's a quick guide to show how this works.

How to create a board from a template

Prerequisites: To use this feature, you need to have rights to create boards in your organization. If you want to copy a board, you also need to be a board admin on the board that you'd like to use as a template.

Step 1: Create a new board

Navigate to your organization dashboard and click on the "create new board" button.

Step 2: Choose the template

A) Using your existing board. Choose "Copy an existing board" , then choose the board that you'd like to use as a template. This will copy all settings from that board to set up your board. This list will only show boards where you are an admin.
B) Using Viima's board templates. Choose "Use a board template", then choose the template you'd like to use. These templates are pre-defined by Viima's team.

Step 3: Name your board and save it

Before you can create the board, you'll need to name your board (and choose an appropriate URL for it). Once you've filled in these values, click "Create".

You've now successfully created a new board with the same exact settings as the existing one!

(Optional) Step 4: Fine-tune the settings

As a final, optional step, you might want to fine-tune some of the settings on the board. For example, you might want to change the board logo, customize the appearance, and invite users to actually start using the new board.

You can do these from the admin portal just like you would for any other board. For more details, please refer to related guides here in the Help Center.

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