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What is a Viima implementation project like? Do you offer assistance in launching or using Viima?
What is a Viima implementation project like? Do you offer assistance in launching or using Viima?
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From a purely technical point-of-view, Viima is ready to be used in production right away and does not require an implementation project in the traditional sense of the word. Viima can be configured without any IT skills or the need for external support. The extensive self-service material in this Help Center, and in our blog can also help you with pretty much any need you are likely to come across along the way.

We believe in you being the owner of your own destiny, so we want to make you successful without being dependent on our professional services team, and will do everything in our power to make that happen. That's why we invest so much time in both our product, and in providing with you all the information you'll need to succeed.

However, many of our customers have found our expertise to be very helpful in improving the results of your ideation, innovation and continuous improvement activities, or in launching new ones altogether. As a part of the HYPE group, our top-rated professional services team is the largest and most experienced in the industry.

If you’re interested in our professional services, you can contact your account manager or our support for more information.

Here’s a brief overview of how we’ve helped our customers:

  • Viima Ignite: Extended support package for making sure your rollout goes smoothly and you get on the right track towards your business goals.

  • Training and workshops on using Viima, typically for admins

  • Innovation strategy formation and implementation

  • Quarterly strategy and/or health checkups to make sure progress is being made, and to discuss and troubleshoot possible issues in achieving your desired goals

  • Innovation and ideation process analysis, definition and implementation (roles, scope, targets, efficiency, performance reporting & analytics, linkage to other business processes)

  • Implementation of lean development methods (Customer-driven experimentation, proofs-of-concept, pilots)

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