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Integrating Viima with Microsoft Teams
Integrating Viima with Microsoft Teams

How-to add a Viima board to Microsoft Teams

Updated over a week ago

Viima is fully compatible with a variety of Microsoft 365 tools, including SharePoint, Viva Engage, and Microsoft Teams.

If you are using Microsoft Teams, we highly recommend you add relevant Viima boards to your Teams. This helps you keep the conversation going and makes it super easy for people to see what's going on in Viima.

To add a Viima board to your Team in Microsoft Teams, please follow the instructions below.

Step 1

Navigate to the Team where you want to add Viima to.

Step 2

Click the + symbol at the top of the page to open a modal that lets you add a new tab.

Step 3

Choose Viima from the list. If Viima doesn't show up at the top of the list, you can use the search functionality to find it.

Step 4

Name your Viima tab in Teams and link the board to it.

First, you need to provide the URL for your board. You can simply copy-paste the value from the address line of your browser when you're on the Viima board you want to add to MS Teams in the following format:

Then you need to choose the name for your Viima tab in Teams. This will be the link people use to navigate to your board within the team, so choose a descriptive name, such as "Viima board", or whatever name you use for your board.

Step 5

Enjoy Viima in Teams! You should now see Viima when opening the "Teams" tab. Depending on your settings and whether you're already logged in to Viima or not, you might need to log in prior to seeing the board data.

Adding a separate Viima tab to Teams

We also warmly suggest adding a separate main tab in Teams just for Viima. This is a great way to give your Viima board additional visibility as well as make things easier to manage if you have a lot of items in your "Teams"-tab.

Here's how to do it:

Step 1

Open the following link to the Teams admin configurations:

Step 2

Open the "Global (Org-wide default)" -policy from the list.

Step 3

Click "Add apps" from the top left corner.

Step 4

Search for "Viima" and the right app should appear in the suggestions. Click "Add".

Step 5

Click "Add" again.

Step 6

Now you should see Viima on this preview list of your main tabs. Depending on where you want the "Viima"-tab to be located, use the "Move up" and "Move down" buttons. After you're happy with the position, click "Save" in the bottom left corner and you're all done!

Note: After saving, it may take up to a few hours for the new tab to appear in Teams.

Now that your board has been added to Teams, it's a good idea to inform your team about this and to also instruct them about how you actually want them to use it. You can choose the communication channel freely for this but since you're already using Teams, the Conversation tab is definitely one good option for that :)

Note: The Teams App supports logging in only with Microsoft accounts, as that's what's used with Teams anyway. In case you need to use Viima in Teams with other kinds of accounts, please contact for instructions.

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