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Features & How-Tos

Guides explaining how Viima's features work, how to make the most out of them, and how to configure them

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What is Viima score?
Assessing the business impact of an idea
Running workshops and brainstorming sessions with Viima
Whitelisting/allowing emails sent by Viima's app
Access controls and user rights in Viima
Access rights
Integrating Viima with Microsoft Teams
Adding Viima to Microsoft 365 app collection
Board templates (copy board settings)
Changing the name of a board
Changing your board logo
Using Categories
Custom fields
Configuring likes settings
Configuring notifications & custom emails
Configuring user activity points (leaderboards)
Creating new board groups
Customizing the colors & background
Deactivating users
Deleting ideas
Embedding a Viima board to SharePoint
Exporting data from your Viima board
Finding error information from Google Chrome console & network tab
Finding error information from Microsoft Edge console & network tab
Finding error information from Mozilla Firefox console & network tab
Finding past invoices (and credit card information)
Idea IDs (unique identifiers) in Viima
Importing users from a file
Integrating Viima with Viva Engage
Inviting users to join your board
Jira integration
List of users
Login options
Kanban view
Merging ideas on the board
Message Banner
Modeling your process with statuses
@Pinging users on ideas
Re-sending invites for users that haven't yet logged in
Scheduling reports & data exports
Setting people to be responsible for ideas
Setting up AD FS SSO for Viima
Setting up and using idea pre-moderation
Setting up idea evaluation
Setting up impact assessment of ideas
Setting up Microsoft login (Entra ID) SSO with Viima
Setting up Okta SSO for Viima
Setting user roles
Sharing of ideas
A shortcut icon for the Viima web app on a mobile device
Size, position, & transparency of ideas
Sorting ideas on the board
Troubleshooting Microsoft (Entra ID) login
Turning off the ability to add ideas, like or comment
Updating Your Welcome Message
User restrictions
Using idea evaluation
Using impact assessment of ideas on the board
Using tags to classify ideas
Using the analytics dashboard
Using the evaluation dashboard
Views on Viima boards
List of Workflow Automation Actions
How to create a new board
Workflow Automation
Adjusting email notification preferences
How to review Viima on G2
Importing ideas into a Viima Board