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Adding Viima to Microsoft 365 app collection
Adding Viima to Microsoft 365 app collection

Adding Viima here can it make it easier for users to find the tool

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Viima’s app can be added to Microsoft 365’s app launcher either as a custom tile or through Azure AD marketplace (preferred).

If you'd like to add Viima as a custom tile and the instructions for doing so can be found here. The custom tile only needs to be added once for an organization and by an admin user. After it has been added, other users can see it in their app menus.

The details that can be inputted to the custom tile window are as follows:

When ready, the app will appear in your App Collection, which is found from the left sidebar of Microsoft 365, and looks something like this:

Microsoft 365 Admins can customise this view by e.g. forming collections. For more information on this topic, please visit the Microsoft guide linked above.

Note: In previous versions of Microsoft 365, users were able to pin their favorite apps. As of now, this is no longer possible.

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