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Setting up Okta SSO for Viima
Setting up Okta SSO for Viima
Updated over a week ago

Here you can find a brief guide on how to set up Okta single sign-on for Viima.

For a more comprehensive look at the setup, please refer to the dedicated Okta guide for Viima setup.

Configuration Steps

  1. Login to the Viima admin portal at

  2. Select the board to which you want to enable the Okta login from the board dropdown at the top left corner

  3. Navigate to Settings (link icon at topbar) > Access Rights (tab on the opening page) > Access restrictions (link on the opening tab

  4. Select SAML 2.0 from the login options

  5. Click "Connect to a SAML service"

  6. Enter the following:

    1. Entity ID

    2. Certificate fingerprint (SHA1) e.g. d364cb89a9c6853f43f970131101545b387df0823432b5083e990e98b32a85af
      ​Do NOT input the whole certificate but the SHA1 fingerprint

    3. Click "Connect"

    4. Click the "Save" button at the top right corner of the "Access Restrictions" section

Test the integration

  1. Open the user dropdown at the top right corner and click the link "Board view"

  2. From the opening board view, open the user dropdown at the top right corner and click the link "Log out"

  3. From the opening login screen, click the Okta login button (named "Log in with your work account" by default)

  4. Type in your Okta credentials

  5. The test succeeded if you were redirected to the board view

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