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2023-04-17 – Admin Portal UX update
2023-04-17 – Admin Portal UX update

This update brings a major UX update to our admin portal, and adds a new board template for brainstorming sessions

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Here's a summary of the key changes in the latest updates to Viima:

1) New Admin Portal

  • We've done a major refresh for the Admin Portal to fix a number of known usability issues, and to make it match the new Viima design language.

  • The navigation has moved to the left side from the top to use the space better on common screen sizes.

  • The functionality and placing of features is mostly intact, so users should be familiar with the new UI in a matter of minutes.

We are continuing to work on a similar refresh to other parts of our app throughout this year to bring them all up to par and offer an even better, cohesive, and modern user experience.

Admin portal dashboard screenshot.png

2) New board template: Brainstorming

  • Many of our customers run Brainstorming sessions and workshops with Viima, so this template helps you set up a new session with a proven process in a matter of minutes!

  • For more info on each of the templates, please check this piece.

PS. We're working to add templates for other commonly used innovation processes and Viima use cases, so please let us know if there's anything in specific you'd like us to add.

Screenshot 2023-04-13 at 10.42.10.png

Other minor improvements:

  • New and improved version of the Open Innovation board template

  • Idea ID and category information are now available as variables in custom emails

  • Board URL is now used in the name of idea exports to help users identify exports from multiple different boards

  • Minor bug fixes and security improvements

PS. Our workflow automation feature will be released for limited beta next week. If you’re interested in getting early access to the feature and providing us with feedback soon, please contact Jesse.

Admin automation add step screenshot.png
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