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2023-10-30 – Workflow Automation & more
2023-10-30 – Workflow Automation & more
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This release marks the highly anticipated release of our Workflow Automation as our headline feature.

It gives every innovation manager new kinds of superpowers! Already today, it's a really powerful and versatile tool, and we will continue to build on top of it to make it even better going forward.

There are also other smaller additions, which you'll find listed below.

Workflow Automation

Viima workflow automation business rules engine for innovation managers

Viima's workflow automation feature is a powerful business rules engine that allows you to set up automated workflows, enforce processes, and automate recurring or repetitive tasks based on your unique needs.

  • You can, for example:

    • Notify admins of "zombie" ideas that are not progressing

    • Automatically graduate ideas to a new status, e.g. when they’re "hot"

    • Automatically assign ideas to appropriate people

    • Send automated instructions and/or thank you messages for idea submitters

    • Set idea responsibles and move ideas to another board once approved for implementation

For more details, please see this article.

Improved app experience on mobile and desktop

Viima now supports the Progressive Web App (PWA) standard, which means that you can add Viima as a standalone app on Windows and Mac, and choose to use either the native or PWA version when on mobile.

We've also added support for enterprise SSO on mobile and PWA. You can now navigate to your company's organization login page from within the mobile or desktop apps, and when using Viima from within other apps, such as MS Teams.

Other minor updates

  • Idea responsibles now have the right to add other idea responsibles to the same idea

  • Improved evaluation experience: users now have access to more statistics such as counts and sums for evaluations

  • More fine-grained control over Kanban view colors: image overlay uses category or idea default color

  • Improved Kanban view scroll and reordering experience

  • In addition to the above, we've made a few bug fixes related to usability and security

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