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How to review Viima on G2
How to review Viima on G2

This article details how you can review Viima on G2 and help other innovators find our software

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Should you wish to review Viima on G2, you will help other innovators to make informed decisions when choosing their ideation and innovation management tool.

What is G2?

G2 is the world's largest tech marketplace where businesses can discover, review, and manage the technology they need to reach their potential.

Reviewing Viima

Follow these steps to share your Viima review:

Step 1

Go to Viima's G2 page and click "Write Review". You will be prompted to log in or sign up.

Step 2

Log in to your G2 account.

If you do not have a G2 account, you can use your organisation's email or a social media account such as LinkedIn to sign up. You will receive an account verification email once you have filled the signup form. Click on the link in the email to verify your account.

Although you are required to verify your identity, you do not need to identify your organisation should you not be allowed to or if you do not wish to do so.

Step 3

Rate and Review Viima: Assign a star rating and share a review based on your overall experience with the software.

Step 4

Submit your review: Once you are done, hit "Submit".

If you need additional information, we're happy to help. Please drop us a message, and we'll take it from there!

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