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What kind of integrations does Viima support?
What kind of integrations does Viima support?
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Viima is built for the modern era of cloud-based IT infrastructure, in which integrations are crucial. There are a number of different kinds of integrations Viima already supports and we’re continuously looking to expand that number as the need arises.

Currently supported integrations:

  • User management / Login (SSO) integrations

  • Out-of-the-box integrations to other systems

  • Iframe

  • Rest API

User management/Login (SSO)

Viima is designed to be used primarily with SSO login so an ever-growing number of systems is supported here. Please refer to our guide on login options for more information.


Currently, Viima offers an out-of-the-box integration to a number of services, such as Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Viva Engage (previously Yammer), Jira, and Slack (in Beta). A Microsoft SharePoint plugin is also available upon request.


Viima boards can be embedded on virtually any web or intranet page with iframes. If you’re simply looking to put your Viima boards on display with minimal effort, this is often the way to go.


If you have systems that aren’t mentioned on the list, such as in-house IT systems, you might want to look into our REST API. It provides an easy-to-use method for integrating virtually any service or system into Viima. (REST API access is available in all of our paid plans.)

If your integration is not yet supported, please contact our support for information on arranging it.

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