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Navigating and structuring your organization dashboard
Navigating and structuring your organization dashboard

This article details how to use Viima's search, filter and board group functionality to navigate and structure your organization dashboard

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As the number of boards in your organization scales and grows, finding and managing relevant boards, from your organization dashboard, as a user or admin can become time-consuming. The following features will help you to navigate and organize your account to access boards more efficiently:

  • Recently visited boards

  • Board groups

  • Board search and filters

  • Message banner

  • Archiving boards

Recently visited boards

As you manage or are granted access to multiple boards, you will access them on a regular basis. Navigating to boards you have to access regularly can be easily done via the recently visited group in the organization dashboard

Step 1 - Getting to the organisation dashboard

The easiest way to do this is via the URL of your organization's Viima [ organization)] but you can also get there from any board by clicking "All boards" from the top left dropdown with the current board's name.

Step 2 - Open a board from the recently visited group

Your RECENTLY VISITED board group displays the last 4 active boards you have visited

Board groups

While a board's name and logo can help you identify its purpose and use case, it is recommended to organize boards using criteria relevant to your organisation.


  • Different country organizations

  • Different functional areas, departments or teams

Use cases:

  • Group boards according to use cases such as brainstorming, workshops, continuous improvement, idea challenges, etc.

Adding and managing board groups

In order to create and manage board groups, you will need organization admin rights to your account.

Step 1 - Add a board group

From the organisation dashboard, click the add group button on the top right corner

Step 2 - Choose a name for your board group

Step 3 - Choose the boards to add to the new group

Step 4 - Choose the position for the board in the organisation dashboard

Once you have chosen the name for the group, boards to add to it and its position in the organization dashboard click CREATE.

Removing a board group

In the example above, we made the GENERAL BOARDS group redundant by adding both boards in it to our new BOARD GROUP 1. It is a good idea to remove the group from the dashboard.

Step 1 - Hover over the board group name and click edit

Step 2 - Click REMOVE

Editing Board Groups

You can follow the same steps in the example above to edit a board group. You can edit the board group's name, boards in the group and its position in the organization dashboard.

Board search and filters

You can easily search for specific boards using the search bar on the top left corner of the organization dashboard. The search will return results based on board names, it will not return results based on the content of specific boards nor board group names.

In order to display only specific board groups, use the filter dropdown to the right of the search bar to choose which board groups you want to display. Note that the search function will only return results for the groups you choose to filter.

Note that the RECENTLY VISITED group will not be visible when searching or when filters are active.

The video below showcases how to use the board search and filter functionality

Message Banner

In order to create and manage message banners, you will need organization admin rights to your account.

An effective way to bring a user's attention to important information is the message banner. You can use it for important announcements in the organization dashboard to enhance participation and engagement on key events or important dates.

To configure the message banner, follow these steps:

Step 1 - From the organization dashboard, click account

You can find the account button from the top left corner as seen below:

Step 2 - Navigate to settings

Click settings on the left sidebar

Step 3 - Enable and configure your message banner

You can add a link to the message banner which will be displayed after the message text you choose. The URL for the link text can be defined below the link text field as well a color from the dropdown. Once you have configured your message banner, click SAVE.

Step 4 - Review you message banner

Once you save your message banner, it will appear on the top of the screen. Test your link to ensure it works.

Whenever you need to make changes or to disable your message banner, repeat the steps above.

Archiving boards

Note that archived boards are not visible to users, only to organization admins and to board admins with access to the relevant boards.

As some boards are meant for temporary use, such as challenges and campaigns, you can remove them from your active board groups by archiving them.

To permanently delete a board and its data, reach out to We strongly recommend keeping your archived boards rather than deleting them in order to prevent data loss.

You can also restore archived boards at any time.

To archive and restore boards, follow these steps:

Step 1 - Archive board

To archive a board, click the highlighted button below

Step 2 - Restore board

Scroll all the way to the bottom of the organization dashboard, where you will find a board group named ARCHIVED BOARDS

To restore a board, click the highlighted button below

Note that archived boards are not be visible in the RECENTLY VIEWED group

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