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Idea IDs (unique identifiers) in Viima
Idea IDs (unique identifiers) in Viima

Idea IDs in Viima: where to find the ID of an idea, and how to use it.

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As your work in Viima expands, and you have tons of ideas, it's often convenient to refer to ideas with a unique identifier (ID), instead of just the name of the idea as that can lead to ambiguity around which idea you might be referring to.

This is especially the case if you integrate Viima with or use other third-party systems, e.g. for project management.

IDs in Viima

Every idea in Viima has a unique, automatically generated ID. These are unique across your organization, so the ideas on all of your boards will have a different ID. This makes it easy to find, and/or refer to such ideas in Viima.

Finding the ID of an idea

You can find the ID of an idea from multiple places in Viima. Here's a quick listing of them:

  • The More info tab of an idea (screenshot below). You'll also see this when editing an existing idea. Click on the ID to copy it to your clipboard.

    • Please note that if ID is the only information that the tab has, it won't be visible.

  • Below the name of the idea in the list view of a Viima board, as well as in the Ideas tab of the admin portal. Click on the ID to open the respective idea.

  • The first column in the Excel export of ideas.

Searching with & using the Idea ID

The primary function for using IDs within Viima is to search with them. It's an easy way to find exactly the idea you were looking for.

However, there are also other cases where it can be used. Below you'll find a list of the most common uses for Idea IDs:

  • Idea search on the board: simply copy or type in the ID of the idea that you’re looking for (e.g. 1234567).

  • Idea search in the admin portal, both in the Ideas and Evaluations tabs.

  • ID is also available as a variable in custom emails (that are related to a specific idea, see screenshot below).

  • Idea related endpoints in our REST API typically require IDs.

  • You can also open an idea directly by including it in the link to a Viima board, e.g.

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