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Using Viima's Kanban view to support idea implementation, ad-hoc prioritization, and a better overview of your process.

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What is the Kanban View?

If you're familiar with agile, lean processes, or continuous improvement, you're likely familiar with Kanban. It's a great way to visualize and keep track of work.

In addition to the above use cases, Viima's Kanban View is great for supporting idea implementation, ad-hoc prioritization of ideas, and it can also be helpful in allowing you to get a better overview of the ideas within your process. You can learn more about Kanban boards, and how to best use them in an article on our blog.

Just like with our other views, you can switch to at any time on any board. To learn more about views and switching between them, please read this guide.

How does Kanban work in Viima?

Each column on your board represents a status. The number at the top right corner of the column indicates how many ideas there are in that status and currently visible (e.g. matching your current filters and loaded from the server). If you have hundreds of ideas in the same status, by scrolling down to the bottom of the column, the view will fetch additional ideas beyond the first 100.

As with all other views on your Viima board, the filters on the left-hand side control panel affect which ideas are visible on your board. For example, in the screenshot below, the ideas in Done status are not visible, because that status is currently hidden.

You can drag and drop ideas to easily move them between statuses, or reorder them within its current status to do ad-hoc prioritization. More details on that below.
If you're using Kanban, cycle times and throughput are something you're probably interested in, and we've got you covered. For more details on these, please refer to our guide on Viima's analytics.

Kanban view in Viima with a background image

Where can I find the Kanban View?

The Kanban view is always enabled on all of your Viima boards. To find and use it, simply click on the Kanban icon at the bottom row of the control panel of a Viima board (the left side of the screen). You can switch back and forth between the views at any point. Viima will remember which view you last used on this board, and automatically use that when you come back.

If you want to, you can now also choose which view all users on your board will see by default. To configure this, please go to the Basic Settings of your board, and change the value of "Default view for ideas".

Changing the default view of users on your board

Using Kanban for Idea Prioritization

Each idea on your Kanban board will have a set priority within its current status. Thus, the order of the ideas will always remain constant when using Kanban.

Once you reorder ideas within the same status (column), their priorities will be updated. This is a very convenient way for easily prioritizing your ideas, for example during a collaborative planning session.

By default, new ideas will always be placed last in their current status. This is true for entirely new ideas to the board, but also for ideas that you may move to another status.

Only board facilitators, admins and organization admins are allowed to reorder/prioritize ideas.

Ideas that were created before the release of the Kanban feature (July 2023) are ordered based on the time of their creation with the newest being on top.

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