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Setting people to be responsible for ideas
Setting people to be responsible for ideas
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In order for one to gain concrete results from ideation and innovation activities, it is crucial to have stakeholders take responsibility for qualified ideas. In Viima, you can take responsibility transparently as well as grant the people of responsibility extended rights to progress the idea further.

You can also set multiple people to be responsible for one idea. For example, when a dedicated team is working on turning the idea into reality.

P.S. To be able to complete the following steps, you’ll need to have an admin user for the desired Viima board. Please contact your Viima admin for access if you don’t already have an account.

An admin's guide to setting responsibilities for ideas

Step 1:

On your chosen Viima board, open the idea you wish to manage responsibilities on and go to the "People" tab.

Step 2:

From here, under "Responsible" you can see all the people that are currently responsible for the idea. To add a new one, click on "Assign".

P.S. If there are no responsibilities yet assigned, it will simply show the message "No one assigned" like in the image below.

Step 3:

From the pop-up window that opened, you can either click on the Plus Sign to open a dropdown menu of suggested applicants alphabetically or simply type down the name manually.

Step 4:

After you have chosen an applicant, you can add more by repeating Step 3. Once you are finished, click on "Save" for the changes to come into effect.

Note! Once you click "Save", all the added people will immediately get notified by email.

Congratulations! You have now successfully added roles of responsibilities for an idea.

All the added people will get an email notifying them of what was done (unless they have disabled their email notifications). The template of this email can be edited from the Admin Portal in the following place:

Settings --> Features --> Custom emails --> Email template: User assigned

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