Using idea evaluation
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Once you've set up idea evaluation for your board, all users or only admins (depending on the settings you've specified in the evaluation metrics) can now evaluate ideas on the Viima board. The ideas that can be evaluated are based on the status and categories defined in the settings of said metrics. So if a certain evaluation isn't visible for you, the idea isn't likely in the right category or status for evaluations to be given.
Once you've given your own evaluations of the metrics of an idea, you'll then see the mean values of evaluations given by the other users on the board.

In this guide, we'll go through a tutorial evaluation of an idea on one of our boards to show you how a user should approach this. For more information on using our idea evaluation feature to analyze ideas, please see our guide on using the evaluation dashboard, and for more information on how ideas should be evaluated in general, please refer to this blog post.


Step 1:

We'll start by opening a board where we wish to evaluate an idea.

Step 2:

Choose an idea that has evaluations and open it by clicking on it. The simplest way to find ideas that can be evaluated is simply to click on the "Pending evaluation" view from "My views" on the navigation bar.
You can also simply directly click on ideas that are in a metric-related status, provided that you know which statuses these are.

Step 3:

Open the "Evaluation" tab.

P.S. If there is a blue number next to "Evaluation," it represents the number of available evaluations to be made.

Step 4:

Here you can see a description of what you're evaluating and all available evaluations. The number in the bottom-right corner of each evaluation represents the maximum value it can be given.

Step 5:

After you're done with giving your chosen evaluations of the idea, click the blue "Submit" button.

Step 6:

You can now see your own evaluations and the means of all other evaluations. The mean values are shown with the pink arrows in the following image.

Step 7:

If you move your mouse pointer over a mean value ball, you can see it shown as a number above the ball.

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