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Here are release notes on the latest updates in the Viima's app:

1) New & improved analytics dashboard

  • The analytics dashboard has been reformed and now allows you to get a more in-depth look at your ideation pipeline and how it’s doing. The dashboard has been designed to give you a realistic breakdown of your board and its ideas in terms of their stage of development and how well they’re being looked after. Additionally, the amount of data you can see will increase when more functionalities, such as evaluation of ideas and business impact assessment, are taken into use. Regularly monitoring the analytics dashboard allows you to spot potential weak spots and bottlenecks in your ideation pipeline and make corrective adjustments if necessary.

  • You can find the analytics dashboard from the admin portal of your board as the “Home page” tab on the far left.

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  • The time frame of the results shown can now be adjusted freely from the filters in the top right corner. This allows you to investigate your board’s activities and status at any given time frame in the past. Additionally, from here you can now choose from which categories ideas will be shown.

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  • The weekly activities chart now also shows data on evaluations, if the evaluation of ideas feature is set up on your board and there is evaluation data to analyse. You can also see the amount of unique (or different) users that have visited the board.

  • As completely new additions, you can also view:

    1. Ideation process performance which shows how well ideas are moving forward in your pipeline

    2. Average response time which tells you how long it takes for someone to respond to an idea on average in different categories

    3. Portfolio value which, if the impact assessment of ideas -feature is enabled, and data has been gathered, shows you a projection of the current and future value of your portfolio.

2) Archiving boards

  • Sometimes there is a need to remove a board from the view of regular users, as well as your own, without actually permanently losing any of its data. For example, this can be the case if you have used a board to run a campaign which has then ended and from which you have already gathered the most promising ideas for further development. Additionally, some may have created test boards to try out various use cases and these boards no longer provide any value being shown in your board listing.

  • Now all these currently “unwanted” boards can be hidden from the view of regular users via archiving them, which moves them to a separate view from the currently active boards.

  • This can be done by any admin of the board by clicking the “Archive” button in the bottom of the blue admin overlay of the board in the board listing.

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  • After a board has been archived, it will only be shown in a separate “Archived boards” listing. From here, an Admin can always restore it back to “Active boards” by clicking the “Restore”-button on the blue admin overlay of the board. P.s. only admins who have access to an archived board can see the separate listing for active and archived boards. Regular users will also not be able to participate or do anything on archived boards, until they are restored back to use (if needed).

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3) Pasting & adding attachments to comments

  • Written comments can now include multiple attachments which will be shown separately along with the comment itself. This makes it easier for people to follow your message without needing to view the files and comment message itself from separate comment posts. Additionally, image files can now be copied directly from the source and pasted as an attachment to the idea or comment without needing to store it on your hard drive in between.

Step 1

Drag or paste the attachment(s) to the comment section before or after writing your comment.

Step 2

The attachments that were added can be found and managed below the comment field.

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