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In the first-ever release notes update here in Viima's Knowledge Base we are happy to announce several great new features in Viima as well as a few technical tweaks.

Feature updates (important ones)

Idea Evaluation and Evaluation Dashboard

  • We are happy to announce that Viima now offers comprehensive support for evaluating and prioritizing ideas! For a while, it has been possible to set up idea evaluation metrics to crowd-source the evaluation of ideas with simple-to-use sliders as seen on this instruction page. With the latest addition, the results gathered from users can now be analyzed in-depth using the brand-new Evaluation Dashboard.

  • The new Evaluation Dashboard is easy and intuitive to use. You can choose ideas to analyze from the list on the left-hand side by clicking on them (press Ctrl or Cmd), which then updates the data visualization charts on the right. You can choose to view only selected ideas and metrics as well as choose from three different chart types. Detailed instructions on using the Evaluation Dashboard can be found here.

  • We’ve also written a handy blog post on idea evaluation in general that probably is a good piece to read if you are interested in the topic!

Viima board and idea bubble background image

  • In addition to being able to customize the colors of the idea bubbles on your Viima board, we now offer the possibility to set up your own background image for the bubbles. Let your imagination and creativity guide you, but remember that the idea title within the idea should remain crisp and readable (i.e. the idea bubble background image should have mild texture and a clear contrast to the idea title font).

  • The biggest visual impact can, however, be made by setting up a custom background image for the board. This is a powerful way to create a personalized and unique look-and-feel to the board. You can also use the background image to strengthen the position of your company brand or culture in the tool. We recommend utilizing landscape shape background images (720p, 1080p, 4K) and situate all details you want to be shown (on different screen sizes and shapes) near the center of the image.

  • Instructions on how to set up the board and idea background images can be found in the last sections of this page.

Enhanced user invitation and management

  • Previously we had two key issues in our user management and invitation flows: A) the invitation email sent to the users was too complicated and B) we had users with different casings in their email addresses as separate users (e.g. and These led to a variety of confusing situations among our users.

  • Now these issues have been resolved as we process email addresses as unique identifiers for users (and lowercase all email addresses) and the user invitation flow has been simplified to a degree that it shouldn't be confusing to anyone.

  • You can read more on managing users here.

Switching the organization dashboard top left-hand logo

  • Our enterprise customers may upon separate agreement now switch the Viima logo shown on the top left-hand corner of their organization dashboard to a specified logo. This helps in further white labeling and customizing the tool's appearance.

EU GDPR readiness

  • As practically all organizations operating in the EU region know, the new regulation concerning the processing and privacy of personal data (EU General Data Protection Regulation) came into force on the 25th of May 2018. We have prepared for the new legislation well in advance and are fully compliant with GDPR.

  • We've made a few technical changes to the product (such as requiring all users, even anonymous ones, to accept our terms of service and privacy policy explicitly) and updated our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Data Processing Agreement.

Technical updates (for those who want to know)

Audit trail database support

  • We've started to collect change history on all changes made to the data. This data will allow us to provide our customers with several useful features in the future such as an audit log on user actions to be shown in the admin portal, a life cycle view of an idea when it is opened by a user, analytics on how the ideation process is functioning, exception reports on outliers and so forth.

Migration over to Amazon SES

  • We previously used another third-party service to deliver email notifications from our app to users. We became unsatisfied with the service provider after their IP addresses were blacklisted by spam registries several times due to their other tenants sending spam emails. We decided to migrate over to Amazon SES for all of our transactional emails which we've so far been really happy with.

Elasticsearch for logging

  • To further help us provide a constant, secure, high availability, and high-quality service to you, we've taken Elasticsearch into use for storing and analyzing our logs. We've made sure to fill all necessary agreements with them to be compliant with GDPR and the logs that are stored from Viima's app are stored within the EU region.

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