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Here are release notes on the latest updates in the Viima's app:

1) Jira Integration

  • The popular task and project management system Jira can now be integrated with Viima. This means that Viima and Jira now form a perfect end-to-end development process where Viima takes care of the idea capturing and prioritization (front end) and Jira takes care of the implementation phase. The integration allows you to connect preferred Viima statuses with kanban stages in Jira and allows for new Jira issues to be created automatically when the idea in Viima moves to the first connected status phase. The integration keeps the ideas in Viima up to date and thus the idea creator and the whole organization has a real time view on the pipeline.

  • The integration can be set up from the admin portal of your board (Admin portal --> Settings --> Integration --> Jira integration --> Add new).

11. April 6th 2020 - Image 1.png
  • When setting up the integration, our easy-to-use integration setup manager allows you to choose which process statuses to connect between your Viima board and Jira.

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  • After the setup is complete, when an idea in Viima reaches a certain status, an issue is automatically created in Jira. When the issue in Jira is moved to development (Active Sprint) and goes through different process phases, the idea’s status is also automatically updated on Viima’s end.

2) Drag & Drop for idea statuses

  • Admins and idea responsibles can now easily change the status of an idea by dragging and dropping it into the wanted status on the board. When dragging an idea, arrows will emerge next to the statuses on the board. When the idea is moved next to the right status, the arrow and status will get highlighted, and once dropped, the status will get updated immediately.

11. April 6th 2020 - Image 3.jpg

3) Default sorting of ideas by Viima score on the board

  • Ideas on the board can be sorted in different ways which can be chosen from the top right corner on the board. You can, for example, sort by newest, most commented or most liked ideas. The default option that ideas are sorted by when a user comes to the board can be customized from Admin portal --> Visual appearance --> Default sort for ideas. This allows you to choose how people who enter the board first see ideas arranged there.

  • When you enable the evaluation feature on the board, the combined evaluation data for each idea is calculated as Viima score, which gives a sense of how well the idea has been evaluated. You can now set Viima score to be the default sorting option on the board. Note: This can only be done if the evaluation feature is enabled and there is evaluation data on the board.

11. April 6th 2020 - Image 6.jpg

4) Sorting ideas by statuses on the board

  • There's now a new sorting method for how ideas can be viewed on the board. When choosing to sort by statuses (from the top right corner of the board), the ideas will be arranged from top to down by different statuses you have set up for your board.

11. April 6th 2020 - Image 4.jpg
  • Depending on which statuses you have your board currently filtered by, ideas will then be arranged by these statuses. Indication lines on the board will show where the status changes from top to down. The order of the statuses can be reversed from the small arrows next to "Sort by" in the top right corner. (Orange arrows have been placed in the example image to show the filtered statuses and indication lines)

11. April 6th 2020 - Image 5.jpg

5) Improvement for viewing video and image attachments

  • We’ve improved the viewing experience of video and image attachments in ideas. When an attachment is clicked, instead of opening a separate browser window, it can now be viewed directly in the Viima app.

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