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How to configure and use Viima's Message Banner feature.

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What is the Message Banner and why use it?

The Message Banner is a tool that helps you communicate with the users within your organization while they are using Viima.

It is a prominent banner that appears at the top of either your board, or the organization home view, for all users.

This is a convenient way to communicate timely updates or concise call-to-actions to your users. Examples of this are announcing changes to your processes, promoting the launch of new boards/idea challenges, or simply reminding users about pending deadlines etc. You can use the link in the banner to make it easy for users to take action, look at additional materials, etc.

If you'd instead like to communicate lengthier messages, or share more detailed instructions, then our welcome message feature would be the better solution, as it has more room for content, and allows you to include content such as images, videos, and bullet points.

A Message Banner in Viima

How to enable and configure it for the organization home view

To enable the feature for the organization home view, or configure its contents and appearance, you need to be an organization admin.

To find the settings, please go to your organization's account settings tab:

First, you must toggle the switch to enable feature. Once you do, you can fill in the rest of the information.

  • Message is required. Without a message, the banner will not show for users, even if the feature would be enabled. We recommend keeping this relatively concise. If further information is required, please use the link to share more detailed information or instructions.

  • Link text and URL are optional. If you don't include them, the message will show but without a link. Please note that the URL must include the full address, e.g. be in the format:

  • Color lets you choose one of a number of predetermined options that change the visual appearance of the banner. We recommend choosing a color that is highly visible, but still works with your brand.

How to enable and configure it for a board

To enable the feature for any given board, as well as configure its contents and appearance, you need to be a board admin for that board.

You can configure these settings from the message banner section within communication settings:

These settings work exactly the same way as they do in the organization home view, so for more details, please refer to the section above.

Disabling and dismissing the banner

To disable the feature, simply toggle the switch from the settings above and click save to make it disappear from all of your users. Please note that you need to be an organization admin or a board admin to do this (depending on whether it is for the whole organization or for an individual board).

Individual users can dismiss the banner when they're using the app. This will temporarily hide it from them. However, every time they will come back to the organization home view or the board, they will again see the message until an admin disables it.

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