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Configuring user activity points (leaderboards)
Configuring user activity points (leaderboards)
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User activity points are a great way to visualize and track who the most active users are on any given board. This information is helpful in following the level of participation on the board and rewarding users based on active participation in board activities. Additionally, users themselves may follow their activity in relation to others.

There are a few things you may want to know when it comes to configuring the activity points. Especially regarding what activities you want to give out points and how much. Thinking these settings through is important, especially if following activity points becomes a regular practice, as it means having to make fewer edits later on that may result in changes to the accumulated points on the board.

Managing the settings

The fastest way to configure user activity points is by going to "Settings" in the admin portal of your board. The following changes can only be made by an admin of the board.

Navigating to user activity points in the admin portal

Open the "General" tab under "Settings" and navigate to the "User activity points" dropdown menu. From here, you can easily change how the activity points are calculated on the board.

Show user activity points

Firstly, activating the toggle switch defines whether the activity points will be shown on the board or not.

Which users are included

From this dropdown, you can choose whose activity levels will be shown in the listing on the board:

Regular users: Only regular users of the board, not admins

Admins: Only admins of the board

All users: Regular users and admins of the board

P.s. Here it may be advisable to use the "Regular users" option rather than "All users". Typically admins tend to be more active on the board resulting in a lot of activity points. This means admins would likely always be on top of the list which could look discouraging to regular users. Additionally, the activity of admins may not be as relevant if following or rewarding regular users based on their activity is the goal.

Time period

From this dropdown, you can choose the time period on which the activity points are calculated:

Week: This calendar week starting on Monday at 00:00. E.g. if it was Wednesday, activity points would not be calculated from last week's Wednesday but rather from this week's Monday at 00:00.

Month: This calendar month starts on the first day of the month at 00:00.

Quarter: The ongoing quarter of the calendar year starts on the first day of the ongoing quarter at 00:00. Each quarter lasts 3 months.

Year: This calendar year starts on the first day of the year at 00:00.

All time: The activity points will be calculated from the point when the board was created.

Points for an idea

How many activity points a person will get for adding a new idea to the board.

Points for an evaluation

How many activity points a person will get for evaluating an idea on the board. Note that each evaluation metric will not give out points separately but rather giving an evaluation for a single idea in its current status (regardless of how many metrics there are) will give the number of points indicated here.

Points for a comment

How many activity points a person will get for adding a comment on an idea on the board. Also replies to the comments of others will give out points.

Points for a like

How many activity points a person will get for liking an idea or a comment on an idea on the board.

Note that a person will receive activity points for each like they give out. This means that if you have set a particularly high number of likes that can be given out on the board, it may also result in a lot of "easy" activity points. To combat this, you may reduce the number of points a like gives in relation to added ideas, comments, or evaluations.

Losing activity points

It's important to note that activity points will be calculated on the board based on the existing ideas' likes, comments, and evaluations. This means that if an idea is deleted from the board, all the associated activity points for that idea will also be subtracted from the existing points.

Deactivated users (e.g. those that have left the company)

Please note that if a user account is deactivated, they will still retain their points on the leaderboard as their account exists and their user is the author of the respective activities. If you use a time period other than "All time", they will naturally fall down the leaderboard with time.

If you don't want to wait for that to happen, which might e.g. make sense if you use the leaderboard to reward people, you can anonymize their account to avoid confusion. Please note that anonymization is an irreversible action, so proceed with caution!

On the board

The user activity points will be shown in the top right of the board. By hovering your mouse above the list, you can scroll up and down to see the activity points of all users with activities on the board. To see from what types of activities the person has received their activity points, simply hover your mouse above their points.

Don't forget to save your changes!

Green "Save" buttons can be found on all pages where changes can be made. Clicking this activates those changes.

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