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Here are release notes on the latest updates in the Viima's app:

1) Leaderboards update: User activity points

  • The User activity points (formerly known as leaderboards) have gone through an update which provides more depth in following how active users have been on the board and makes following and rewarding the most active users easier. The transparency of the points list on the board also helps users track their own activity in relation to others.

Configuring user activity points Pic1.jpg
  • You can easily activate and configure the User activity points from the admin portal of your board: (Admin portal --> Settings --> Additional features --> User activity points)

Configuring user activity points Pic2.jpg
  • From here, you can choose what activities will give out points and how much; evaluations are now also included in these activities. You can also choose from several different time frames (calendar week, month, year or all time) from which activity points will be shown on the board. On top of those, you can choose whether you wish to show the activity points of all users, regular users or only admins on the board.

2) Recurring emails update

  • The contents of the recurring emails were updated along with some enhancements to the data inclusion logic.

  • The recurring emails now include: 3 newest ideas, 3 most trending ideas, 3 most active users.

  • The data for the recurring emails will now be fetched from a wider date range if not enough information can be gathered from the last week or month.

  • The recurring emails can be configured from the admin portal of your board: (Admin portal --> Settings --> Additional features --> Recurring emails)

Configuring Notifications Pic13

3) Portuguese translations

  • Portuguese is now supported in Viima

4) Copying the settings from an existing board as a default

  • When creating new boards, a typical best practice is to copy the settings for this board from an existing board where, for example, the access rights are correctly set up. This reduces the probability of accidentally allowing the wrong groups of people access to your board and also saves you the trouble of readjusting all the board settings.

  • Now, as you choose the template for your use case when creating a new board, the default option will be to "Use an existing board" from where to copy the settings.

5) "Feedback" option removed from regular users

  • We removed the "Feedback" option, which appears when opening the dropdown menu from your name in the top right corner, from regular users. The "Feedback" option leads to Viima's own feedback board and can still be found by board admins.

Technical background improvements

  • Row changes in "Free text" -type custom fields has been fixed.

  • Idea info box hover has been fixed.

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