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Here are release notes on the latest updates in the Viima's app:

1) User roles update: Organization admin & other changes (Refer here for full article)

  • We added more flexibility to managing your Viima boards by adding some new user role types. We also made some minor tweaks to the terminology. There are now 5 user role types, of which 3 are administrative and 2 regular. Some of the new role options are available exclusively for Enterprise customers so do not be alarmed if you cannot see some of the options on your board.

  • Here's how the new roles look like:


  • Organization admin: Can see and fully manage all of the boards under the organization. Also has access to organization details (such as invoicing) and has the ability to manage board groups. A very useful role to provide to select individuals who oversee the Viima account.

  • Board admin: Formerly known as "Admin". Can view and fully manage the specific board where they have this role. Board admins can also create new boards from the point onward once they're given that role.

  • Board facilitator (Enterprise only): Can manage the board's process (e.g. change idea-related information such as status) and see all details related to the board from admin portal (such as evaluation data). However, a board facilitator cannot make any changes to the board's settings (such as access rights). A useful role of responsibility for facilitating or overseeing the board's process without having the ability to make changes to crucial board settings (such as access rights).

Regular users

  • Contributor: Formerly known as "User". Can access the board and participate in ideation activities such as adding ideas, commenting, voting and evaluating. Contributor may their own ideas for as long as an admin does not make changes to the idea (such as changing its status).

  • Spectator (Enterprise only): Can access the board and view everything much like a Contributor. However, a spectator cannot take part in the ideation activities on the board. The spectator role is useful when you want a wide range of participation (Front-line - Management) but only wish to allow certain people to contribute on the board.

The user roles can be viewed and managed from the admin portal of your board (Admin portal --> Users --> Roles).

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2) Jira integration supports issue type

  • If you're using the Jira integration, this is a handy addition. You can now specify the Jira issue type from Viima when adding a new idea. This information will automatically sync to Jira once the idea reaches a status where the issue is created in Jira.

  • Once the issue is created in Jira, the issue type will no longer be shown in the idea in Viima.

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