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Importing users from a file
Importing users from a file

Add and invite many people to a Viima board at once with the help of our user import feature.

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This guide shows how to add and invite people to a Viima board by importing them from an Excel file. All you need to know is their name and email address.

To be able to complete the following steps, you’ll need to have an admin account for the desired Viima board. Please contact your Viima super user for access if you don’t already have an account.

Step 1

On your Viima Admin account, go to "Users" in the admin portal of your board.

Step 2

From here, you can manage the users of a board.

Importing users

Step 1

Click "Add users"

Step 2

Now click "Import from file"

Step 3

The following “User import” window should open after completing step 2. Here, you can find information on how to create a .xls or .xlsx file that contains the user information of the people you wish to add, and can also download our template.

Note: If you're using SSO, this email address must exactly match the from your IdP. Use of aliases, alternative domains etc. are likely to prevent the user from logging in.

Step 4

When you have the users in an appropriately formatted .xls or .xlsx file, you can upload the users by clicking the green “Import file” button.


Importing Users From a File Pic 7.png

Step 5

After the import is complete, make sure all the user information is correct (If the person will work as an admin, make sure their “Role” is correct). When you’re done, click the green “Save and continue” button.

P.S. You can always go back and alter the role of a person on your board, should you want to.

Step 6

Now the imported users will be added to your list of users. You can choose to send them an invite right away by clicking "Invite user now" or postpone this by clicking "...or invite later" below. This will send out an introductory email that will inform the receiver of:

  1. The person that has sent the invite (you)

  2. The board name

  3. The different login methods available on the board

P.S. As a security measure, if you activate Viima login from the login options, the invite receiver has 7 days to create a Viima account from the link provided in the email. After this, you can send another invite to renew this grace period.

Step 7

All the users you've added will now be shown here. If you decided to postpone sending invitations, you can do so later from the blue "Invite users" and "Invite" buttons to invite either all users that haven't yet logged in or a single user.

Don't forget to save your changes!

Green "Save" buttons can be found on all pages where changes can be made. Clicking this activates those changes.

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