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You can find the list of users from “Users” in the Admin Portal of your board. This list can only be accessed on a Viima Admin account.

If you have the “Require login” checkbox marked in access rights, the list will contain everybody that has logged in or been invited to your board. Every time someone new accesses your board, they will instantly be added to this list, along with the basic information about them.

Should your board be publicly available without login, only logged-in users will be shown here.

The list contains the following information on those who are on it:

  • Role: The role of this person on this board

  • Active: Whether this person is able to log in to the board (change this to "No" to prevent access)

  • Logged in: The last time the user has visited the board

  • Account type: The method(s) this person has used to login to Viima previously

Adding new users to your board

There are 2 simple ways to add people to your list of users:

Removing users from the list

It's not possible to remove users from the list due to a couple of factors:

  • If you were to remove users from your board, it would no longer be possible to correctly attribute the ideas, comments, likes, etc. that they've submitted to them, which is almost always highly undesirable.

  • Depending on your login options, undesirable people could be able to log in again should you remove them from the list. Thus we've prevented this option. You should instead deactivate people in order to prevent their access.

Users that have been deactivated won't affect your user limit for the free plan and will be excluded from billing starting from the month following their deactivation.

Exporting a list of all users

If you'd like to export the list of all users on your board, you can do so by clicking on the "Export Users" button in the top right corner of your board.

This will export a list of all users, both active and deactivated, along with information related to them, such as their email addresses and activity points.

This can be useful if you need to e.g. import the users to another platform, perform additional calculations related to user activity points in Excel, or simply send email updates to all of the aforementioned users.

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