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Re-sending invites for users that haven't yet logged in
Re-sending invites for users that haven't yet logged in
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When you invite people to join your Viima board, it's almost inevitable that some of the users will not respond to your invite, especially if there are many invitees.

There are a couple of things you can do to improve the odds and get them to log in:

  1. Communicate to them prior to sending the invites. The first and most important thing you can do is to simply communicate with your target audience prior to sending the invites so that they know to expect the invites and know why it's important for them to participate. This greatly increases the response rate to your invites.

  2. Re-send the invites. Even if you have communicated well, there will always be people who don't participate, at least on the first invite. In this case, you can always re-invite them. This guide will explain how.

You might also have to re-send the invites if you are using Viima accounts for logging in and the users haven't responded to the invite within seven days, as the invites will expire due to security reasons.

Step 1:

First, you'll need to navigate to the "Users" tab of the Viima board that you want to re-invite the users to. The easiest way to do this is to click on the appropriate link on the dashboard.

PS. To be able to do this, you need to have admin rights for the board.

Step 2:

Next, you'll need to identify the user or users that you want to re-invite.

The easiest way to do this is to click twice on the "Logged in" header of the table. This will sort the users based on the time that they've last logged in so that the ones that haven't logged in at all will be shown first.

Once you've identified the user(s), you need to move your mouse over the "Invitation sent" text on the right-hand side of the row. This will reveal the re-send button for the given user.

Step 3:

Now you can re-send the invite simply by clicking the re-send button.

If there are multiple users that you want to re-invite, you can simply repeat steps 2 and 3.

Re-sending invites for multiple users at once is unfortunately currently not possible due to the number of complaints some of our customers have received from their invitees. If this won't be an issue, please let us know that you would need to do this en-masse, and we're happy to help you do this.

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