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Sorting ideas on the board
Sorting ideas on the board
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The ideas on your board can be sorted or "rearranged" vertically by using the criteria that you choose. This makes it easy for every user to view ideas by their personal preference, helping users find exactly the type of ideas they're looking for.

The initial sorting as you enter your board is determined by the "Default sort for ideas" in the admin portal. If you wish to change the default sorting of a board, please refer to this guide.

To show you how to use the sorting tool on your board, we'll go through a tutorial in this guide.


We'll start the tutorial by opening a board.

Now that the board is open, we can see all the ideas sorted by whatever is chosen as a default sorting for this board.

In our example, we can see that the default sorting is set to "Newest." This means that the newest ideas are at the top and the oldest at the bottom of the board.

Now, regardless of whatever is chosen in the admin portal, the board will always arrange the ideas with the "highest value" on top and the "lowest value" on the bottom. This can be altered on the board by clicking the arrow that's pointing upwards. (You can always reverse this change by clicking the downwards arrow again.)

In our example, we can see now that the order of the ideas has been flipped upside down, meaning that now the oldest ideas are on the top and the newest at the bottom.

To change what is used to sort the ideas, click on the current sorting option on the right side of the arrows.

In our example, this means we'll click where it says "Newest" and this will open a dropdown menu with 5 options. From these, we can choose a new sorting option for the ideas.

Depending on what you choose, your board will now be rearranged accordingly. When you choose a new sorting option, the arrows will automatically be reset, meaning that the ideas with the new "highest value" will be at the top of the board and ideas with the "lowest value" at the bottom.

In our example, we'll choose "Most commented." Now the ideas with the most comments will be at the top of the board and the ideas with the least comments at the bottom. For example, this could be used by the category admins to locate ideas with very little interaction and help "liven up" the ideas that need it the most.

Note that regardless of how you change the sorting during your session on the board, it will always be reset to the default option upon your next session.

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