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Here are release notes on the latest updates in Viima's app:

Copying settings from an existing board when creating a new one

  • When creating a new board, the admin now gets the option to use a pre-existing board as the template for the new board. This makes it even faster to create a new board when the basic color, access, etc. settings don't have to be created on top of a general Viima board template.

  • The copy board settings feature is found in the create new board window under the use cases drop-down. It is the last option on the list.

  • Here the creator of the new board will see a list of the boards to use as the source for the new board. NOTE: only the boards where this user is already an admin on, will be shown in the list.

  • Please also note that integrations to third-party systems including Microsoft AD FS for SSO will not be copied.

Technical background work

  • We made a few performance improvements and restructured the way static files are handled

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