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Here are release notes on the latest updates in Viima's app:

Anonymous idea submission improvements

  • If an idea is added anonymously (which is a setting you can enable on your board under access settings), then the name of the idea creator is now shown to admin users as "Anonymous (Firstname Lastname)".

  • We've also included this info in the idea export found under the admin portal's reporting tab.

User's organizational unit and office info shown for Office 365 accounts

  • If your organization is using Office 365 accounts and you've maintained information of users in Office 365's "Department" and/or "Office" fields, then this info can now be shown and reported in Viima.

  • This data is shown in bubble UI when you hover over a user's profile picture or name with your mouse. The data has also been included in all reports that can be exported from the admin portal if any of the users on the report have department or office field values maintained for them.

  • Note that users need to log in before the data will be shown to them. Please contact Viima's support if you want us to force all of the users from your organization to log in the next time they enter Viima.

User invitation expiration to 7 days

  • Previously when sending invitations to users with "Viima accounts", the links in the invitation emails were valid for 3 days. This caused confusion on several occasions and we've now extended the period so that the links are valid for 7 days

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