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Here are release notes on the latest updates in Viima's app:

1) Copying or moving ideas between Viima boards

  • Sometimes you want to move an idea to another board or perhaps create a copy of it for backup. There’s now a way to do this for individual ideas.

  • You can copy an idea to another board by opening an idea and clicking “Edit the idea” from the bottom left icon panel. After this, navigate to the “Move idea” tab and choose the board, category, and status you wish to copy the idea to and click “Move”.

Release notes April 1st - Moving ideas pic 1.jpg

  • Moving the idea is just as simple as copying it. You just need to additionally choose “Delete the original idea”. This way, the idea will get removed (along with all votes, comments, and evaluations) from the original board while a new copy will be created on a board of your choosing.

  • NOTE! While moving or copying an idea, you can choose to keep existing likes, comments, and evaluations. Likes and comments will then automatically appear on the copied idea as they did in the original. As evaluations are based on the active evaluation metrics on your board, they cannot be directly transferred to the copied idea. Evaluation statistics, if you so choose, can be added to the copied idea as an .xls file in the “admin discussion” area. These will only be visible to admins of the board

Release notes April 1st - Moving ideas pic 2.jpg

2) Hiding ideas in chosen status phases by default (archiving)

  • Once you start to gather a lot of finished ideas into the last phases of your statuses (e.g. Done or Archive), it might make sense to hide them on the board so that a user's attention is focused on the currently active ideas. You can now mark ideas as hidden in any status of your choosing.

  • When ideas in a certain status are hidden, they can only be seen when that status is open. When multiple statuses (including the general view) are open, none of the hidden ideas will appear on the board.

  • You can hide ideas of a certain status by going to the admin portal and opening the “Settings” by clicking the Gear-icon. After this, under the “Basic settings” tab, go the “Statuses of ideas” dropdown menu. Here, on each status, next to “Status type” you can find “Hide ideas” from where you can specify if ideas in said status will be hidden.

Release notes April 1st - Hiding ideas in statuses 1.jpg

3) Evaluation status type

  • Admins can now choose “Evaluation” as the status type. By doing this, opening any idea on the board in that status will automatically show the “Evaluation tab”.

Release notes April 1st - Status types 1.jpg
  • You can change status types by going to the admin portal of your board and clicking the Gear-icon. After this, From the “Basic settings” tab, open the “Statuses of ideas” dropdown menu. Here you can manage the type of each status under “Status type”.

Release notes April 1st - Status types 2.jpg

4) Define the sender name of the emails sent by Viima's app

  • Now you can specify the sender name on your custom emails.

  • To find this addition, go to “Settings” from the Gear-icon, open the “Additional features” tab, and navigate to the “Custom emails” dropdown menu.

Release notes April 1st - Email sender name 1.jpg

5) Viima's Brand Update

  • It came time to freshen up our appearance from what we put together originally several years back. The sweet new colors, fonts and logo have now been put in place in our app and this Knowledge Base as well.

Technical background improvements

  • Prompt Facebook login to re-request a right to access the user's profile data if they denied it during login. This is to ensure that the user understands that they are not able to log into Viima with their FB credentials unless this permission is granted.

  • Various mobile version bug fixes.

  • Quality improvements.

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