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Here are release notes on the latest updates in Viima's app:

1) Idea impact assessment

  • As the real-world value of ideas is often difficult to measure, especially when an idea is in its infancy, we’ve now added a feature that allows admins and people responsible for an idea to assess its business value. This helps you get a better understanding of the ideas that are worth investing time and money in going forward and how much. Additionally, systematically measuring how ideas fare in the long term will help recognize similar promising ideas earlier on. For more insight, please refer to this guide here.

  • To add impact assessment, in the admin portal of you board, go to “Settings” by clicking the Gear icon. Here, in Basic settings, you should see “Impact assessment of ideas” dropdown menu from where you can add new and manage existing impact measurement criteria. Enable the (Mark the) “Enable business impact assessment” -checkbox and add the assessment criteria by clicking “Add new”. For more specific instructions on (the setup of this feature) setting up impact assessment, please refer to our knowledge base article.

Release notes July 16th - Impact assessment 1.jpg

2) Quadrant view in the evaluation dashboard

  • You can now cross-reference different evaluation metrics in the evaluation dashboard and view ideas on a chart with the chosen metrics as the x- and y-axis.

  • This is a great way to find e.g. high-impact ideas which take the least effort to execute.

  • You can also choose additional metrics to affect the size and transparency of an idea for deeper analysis.

  • To use the quadrant view, you must first have the “evaluation of ideas” feature enabled and at least 2 evaluation metrics set up. In the admin portal of your board, go to “Evaluation dashboard”, from the Bar graph-icon, choose “Quadrant” as chart type, and pick the metrics you wish to cross-reference. If ideas have user-given ratings on the chosen metrics, you should see that data spread on the chart.

Release notes July 16th - Quadrant view 1.jpg

Note, if you do not have enough evaluation data, the results you see may be incomplete.

3) Category and status rework

  • The categories and statuses went through some minor improvements in our last update. The general visual appearance and setup of categories and statuses are now more similar to each other.

So, what's new?

  • Firstly, in a recent update we made it possible to hide ideas in a certain status. This is now also possible for categories. When you choose to automatically hide ideas in a certain category, ideas in that category will only be shown when it is open or when all filters on the board are cleared.

Release notes July 16th - Category and status rework 1.jpg
  • Secondly, you can now choose multiple categories and statuses for automatic filtering of the board view. The categories and statuses you set up for automatic filtering will be shown to the user when the board is opened. If no category or status is set up for automatic filtering, no filters will be active when the board is opened, and all ideas will be shown by default.

Release notes July 16th - Category and status rework 2.jpg
  • Thirdly, it used to be mandatory to have a “default category” which would be pre-selected when adding a new idea. This “default category”-option can now be removed, which will result in the user having to choose a category whenever a new idea is added.

4) Idea layout scale on the board

  • To help visualize how ideas are laid out on the board from top to bottom, we’ve added a scale with information related to the sorting criteria you have chosen.

  • For example, in the image below, the idea on top has 5 likes and the idea at the bottom has 0 likes. In this example, the board is sorted by “Most likes”, with the largest amount on top and lowest at the bottom.

Release notes July 16th - Board scale 1.jpg

Note! The visibility of the scale may be affected by a background image. If you add a background image to the board, make sure to adjust the color of the scale accordingly to ensure visibility. The color of the scale can be adjusted from the Admin portal under “Visual Appearance”, “Colors”, and “Scale font color”.

5) German translation

  • German is now supported in Viima

Technical background improvements

  • Various bug fixes.

  • Performance improvements.

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