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Here are release notes on the latest updates in the Viima's app:

​1) Tagging ideas (hashtags update)

  • The hashtags went through a major update which makes their usage clearer and more versatile. Previously any hashtags could be freely added to the description of ideas, but to make it more distinctive which hashtags were in use on the board and which to filter by, we made a few enhancements. Firstly, we provided Tags (previously known as hashtags) their own separate space in the idea. Secondly, tags can now be chosen from a list when adding an idea. Thirdly, board admins may choose which tags are in use on the board and whether contributors (regular users) may also add their own tags or not. This makes it easier to utilize the tags in subcategorizing the ideas by certain recurring themes or predefined areas of focus.

  • Board admins can configure the board-specific tags from the admin portal: (Admin portal --> Settings --> Basic settings --> Tags). From here, you may choose which tags to add to the board as well as whether contributors may create their own tags when adding ideas. If your board already had hashtags in idea descriptions before this update, those hashtags were automatically added as tags in the admin portal.

July 1st 2021 Pic 1.jpg
  • On the board, the contributors may add their preferred or relevant tags to the idea, after which they will be found attached to the idea when opened. If contributors are allowed to create their own tags, they will see an "Add new button" under the tags in the idea input form.

July 1st 2021 Pic 2.jpg
  • You can use the Advanced search from the top left corner to choose tags to filter ideas by. You may also choose the filtered tags by clicking on them in an opened idea.

July 1st 2021 Pic 3.jpg

2) Multiselect menu for custom fields

  • There's a new type of custom field called the multiselect menu. This field type is similar to the pre-existing dropdown menu in the sense that you can predefine any amount of different options form which the idea creator can choose from. The difference is that with the dropdown menu, the idea creator may only choose one option. With the multiselect menu, the idea creator may choose multiple options.

Configuring custom fields pic 8.jpg
  • This field type is especially useful when you want the idea creator to choose from a certain list of options but there can be multiple answers at the same time, such as "Which units would most benefit from this idea" with all different units as the options.

3) Status & category -specific custom fields

  • Another update related to the custom fields is that you can now choose specific categories or a status in which the custom field becomes active in.

  • When it comes to the category specificity, you may choose the categories in which the custom field will become active in. How this works on the board is, once a contributor chooses the category in the idea input form, the category-specific custom field will either appear in the idea input form or stay hidden depending on what categories it is active in.

Configuring custom fields pic 13.jpg
  • When it comes to the status specificity, you may choose a single status in which the custom field becomes active in. The custom field will also be visible in all the statuses which come after in the process. If another status than the first one in your process (the status where all new ideas go) is chosen, the custom field will not be visible in the idea input form but rather completely invisible until the idea reaches the correct status. This is quite handy when you want ask more in-depth questions that may be irrelevant or inaccurate if answered in the beginning phases of the process.

Configuring custom fields pic 14.jpg

4) Ability to edit evaluation metrics longer

  • Board admins may now edit their evaluation metrics' scales and units for as long as no evaluations have been given to these metrics on the board. If a single evaluation is given, the scale and unit can no longer be changed so as to retain the accuracy of the collected data.

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