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Here are release notes on the latest updates in Viima's app:

1) Custom fields for ideas

  • Custom fields are a great way to specify what kind of information you want included in ideas on your board. When a new custom field is added, it will automatically be included in all ideas on the board under the tab "More info". At the moment, you can choose from the following field types: Dropdown, number, text field, and Yes/no and there are more to come with our future updates. After choosing a field type, you can further customize it by adding a default value and description.

  • To add a custom field, in the admin portal of your board, go to “Settings” from the Gear-icon, open the “Additional features” tab and navigate to “Custom fields of ideas” dropdown menu. Mark the “Enable custom fields” checkbox and click the blue “Add new” button.

Release notes June 10th - Custom fields 1.jpg
  • Here you can define the specifications of your custom field and add by clicking “Save”.

Release notes June 10th - Custom fields 2.jpg
  • It is now possible to make the added custom fields mandatory, by marking the “Mandatory field when creating an idea” checkbox. This obligates all users to fill in or retain a default value in the custom fields when adding a new idea to the board.

Release notes June 10th - Custom fields 3.jpg

2) Descriptions for evaluation metrics

  • Now you can add a description to specific evaluation metrics.

  • To do this, go to “Settings” from the Gear-icon, open the “Additional features” tab, and navigate to the “Evaluation of ideas” dropdown menu. Here you can manage your existing evaluation metrics and add new ones. Click the “Edit description” to add a new description to a specific metric.

Release notes June 10th - Metric description 1.jpg

3) Okta SSO integration

  • An integration for Okta SSO (Single sign-on) now exists.

  • You can set up your Okta login by following the steps in our guide.

Technical background improvements

  • Various bug fixes.

  • Performance improvements

  • User API endpoint is now paginated

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