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Here are release notes on the latest updates in the Viima's app:

1) Sorting ideas by custom fields on the board

  • Often times you have gathered valuable information in the custom fields of ideas, but until now, it hasn't been possible to visualize and thus utilize the results in an effective way. For this reason, we've added the sorting of ideas on the board via custom fields that are either "Number" or "Dropdown menu" field type.

  • On the board, you can sort these ideas simply by choosing the preferred custom field from the top right corner next to "Sort by".

  • In the example image below, we have a custom field on the board called "Strategic priority" which has dropdown options from 1-5 (1 being most and 5 least important). We have then sorted the ideas on the board based on the values in this custom field. The scale on which the ideas are placed can be seen on the right side of the board.

Release notes - Dec 9th 2019 - Pic1.jpg

2) Choosing who can see and fill in values to the custom fields

  • Additionally, we've made it possible to manage who on the board can see or fill in custom fields, which allows you to limit the accessibility of idea-related information to only certain groups. This is especially helpful when you have either sensitive information or want to avoid regular users seeing information which is not important to them.

  • When editing a custom field (or creating a new one) from the admin portal of your board, you can choose who can see and fill in that specific custom field on the board.

Release notes - Dec 9th 2019 - Pic2.jpg
  • There are 3 options to choose from for either viewing or editing a custom field. For viewing a custom field, the options are: "Everyone", "Idea responsibles", and "Admins". For editing a custom field, these options are: "Idea creator", "Idea responsibles", and "Admins". If you have defined viewing or editing rights to a select group, for example "Idea responsibles", this will be indicated next to the custom field in the idea on the board.

Release notes - Dec 9th 2019 - Pic3.jpg

Noteworthy aspects regarding these features:

  • Logically board admins always have rights to view and edit the custom fields regardless of what you choose in the settings of the custom field.

  • Ideas on the board can only be sorted via a custom field if the field is available for everyone to view.

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