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Here are release notes on the latest updates in Viima's app:

1) Marking favorite ideas to follow

  • Users often have the need to be able to mark individual ideas that they are interested in and want to receive updates on. This is now possible by marking ideas as "Favorite".

  • This can be done by opening up an idea and clicking the star icon.

  • Once an idea has been favorited, you can look it and other favorites up under a new view in the search panel called "My favorites".


2) Customizing the user invitation email

  • Users can be added to Viima in several ways and one of them is to add/import users to a board and then send out invites via Viima's app. Until now, the invitation email has not been customizable unlike the other emails sent by Viima's app (excl. the weekly wrapup). This has led some users who are not familiar with the tool to ignore the invitation email.

  • Luckily this has just changed and you can now customize the invitation email to your liking here! Be sure to speak in the language understood by your users, refer to the ongoing project, and use company lingo and whatnot to make it more welcoming for the recipient.

  • Here is an illustration of an example of how the invitation could look like:


3) More date formats

  • Now you can choose from five different options on how to view date and time formats in Viima's tool. The options are dd.mm.yyyy, YYYY-MM-DD, mm/dd/yyyy, Local time format (gotten from the user's locale settings) and the "time ago" format.

  • The date format can be changed here.

4) Discussion between admin users

  • In certain cases, not all discussions related to an idea should be visible to all participants or it is not simply important for everyone to read (i.e. creates unnecessary clutter).

  • In order to help minimize the need to run these types of discussions in email threads, Slack, MS Teams, Skype, Yammer etc. we've added a feature that allows admin users to discuss with other admins directly within the idea.

  • You can enable the "Admin discussion" feature in the board feature settings. Once it has been enabled, admin users can toggle between normal and admin discussion after they've opened up an idea from the "Discussion" tab's downward arrow.

  • When "Admin discussion" has been chosen, then the messages under that view will only be shown to other admin users on the board. The same applies for any attachments that are uploaded under the admin discussion and also only admin users can be mentioned with the @Firstname Lastname syntax under the admin discussion.


5) Searching from customized idea fields

  • Viima supports the addition of customized fields for ideas with which you can essentially modify the idea input form to contain more fields that you want users to fill out. They can be free text, number fields, dropdown menus with predefined choices as well as yes/no options. If you are interested in learning more, please be in touch with us through support@viima.com

  • Now Viima also supports searching from the values stored in these customized fields which can be done by clicking on the "advanced search" button that appears under the free text search field (if your board has customized fields set up)

  • The customized fields can look like this in the idea input form (under the "MORE INFO" section):


6) Various UI and usability improvements

  • Users are now notified/warned about either too-short idea titles (it is just one word) or too-long idea titles. This is done while the user is typing a title for the idea.

  • Font sizes are adjusted in larger bubbles to fit more visible text when browsing through the ideas.

  • Showing the idea creator's name on the mobile UI when opening an idea. Previously one needed to view it on the Mobile UI's idea people tab.

  • Include the number of evaluations given to an idea in the evaluation result Excel export.

  • Fixed a bug of being able to mention inactive users in comments on a board with the @Firstname Lastname syntax.

  • Ideas can now be searched with their Viima id from the free text search field.

  • The reporting page of the admin portal was changed so that ideas, comments and likes are exported to the same report. The comments are grouped under each idea on their respective sheet in the order they would be in the user interface.

Technical background improvements

  • Pagination of data on a Viima board was released towards the end of 2018 and it is the single biggest performance improvement carried out in our tool since day one. Now all Viima boards should load up quickly regardless of the fact if they contain 10 or 10000 ideas. This background improvement kept us busy for a few months :)

  • We've released online API documentation for developers to use when integrating Viima with other systems. The documentation can be found at https://app.viima.com/api. Be sure to also check out our guidelines for integrations here in the Knowledge Base

  • We have set up an alternative for app.viima.com to routing the traffic through a single ip address. If this is an IT requirement for your organization, then please be in touch with support@viima.com to set up a proxy address for you.

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