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Here are release notes on the latest updates in the Viima's app:

1) Mass update for ideas

  • It is now possible for admins to update the status, category and idea responsible for multiple ideas at once from the admin portal. It is as simple as going to the admin portal, opening the 'Ideas' tab (previously called "Reporting"), choosing the ideas you wish to update and clicking the 'Update' button. After this, a window opens from which you may choose what fields to update.

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  • This handy feature makes it easier to manage your board without doing as much leg work and opens up some use cases that may have appeared too laboursome before.

  • For example, let's say you have set up a limited-time idea challenge where after collecting ideas for a month, you wish to have an evaluation phase for 2 weeks. To keep the board organized, you want to facilitate the evaluation phase in a separate status. Now, 300 ideas pour in during the idea collection phase and after filtering out the "bad eggs" and duplicates, you're left with 270 ideas you wish to have evaluated. Earlier this would've meant moving each idea separately into the evaluation status. Now, with this new feature, it's just a few click away.

2) Custom fields included in the advanced search for reporting

  • In alignment with the mass update feature described above, you can now filter the ideas included in the mass update and the downloadable excel report by the values of custom fields that have been added to the board.

  • The custom-field specific filtering can be done by opening the 'Advanced search' on the right side of the search criteria.

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  • This opens up new possibilities in utilizing the custom fields for more in-depth reporting as well as updating ideas.

3) Text type evaluations

  • This new type of evaluation metric allows users to provide evaluations in the written form. These metrics can be added either instead of or in addition to numeric metrics. Setting it up is as easy as creating a new evaluation metric and simply choosing "Text" as the evaluation type.

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  • Text type evaluation metrics are great when you wish for those evaluating to either provide arguments for their numeric evaluations or simply evaluate the idea through written thoughts or insights. This provides additional depth to qualitative metrics.

  • The results of text type metrics can viewed either on the board in the idea's evaluation tab or by exporting the report from the evaluation dashboard in the admin portal.

4) New filtering options for the evaluation dashboard

  • In addition to the previous ways of filtering ideas on the evaluation dashboard, you can now also directly search for ideas by their name as well as use custom field values.

September 8th 2022 Pic 4.jpg
  • This allows you to be more precise with which ideas you wish to assess, if need be.

5) Sorting ideas by idea responsibles

  • Idea responsibles may now be used as a sorting criteria on the board in the list view.

September 8th 2022 Pic 5.jpg
  • Especially for some admins, this greatly helps board management by making it easy to find ideas based on their respective idea responsibles.

Other technical improvements:

  • Various performance improvements and bug fixes

  • Pasted links are now shown accurately in the Edge browser

  • Editing comments will no longer add additional empty rows between paragraphs

  • Attachments are now visible even if commenting has been disabled on the board

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