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Here are release notes on the latest updates in the Viima's app:

1) Idea info box

  • Sometimes you may want to quickly preview different ideas on the board without opening each one separately. This is now possible with the idea info box that tells you part of the idea's description, date & time of creation, original creator, and category & status.

  • The info box appears whenever you hover your mouse over an idea on the board, simple as that.

Release notes - August 20th 2020 - Pic1.jpg

2) Notify all users in Notification settings

  • In especially smaller teams, it's important that everyone gets notified about new ideas. We've now enhanced our notification settings by adding the option to notify all board users about new ideas and changes to them, rather than just notifying the category responsibles for example.

  • The notification settings can be found from the admin portal of your board: (Admin portal --> Settings --> Additional features --> Notification settings). From here, you can use the top 4 check boxes under "Ideas" to configure the idea related changes from which notification will be sent out. Based on which of these 4 check boxes you enable, you can now use the 5th check box to make sure all board users are notified on these changes. For example, in the image below, future notifications on new ideas and status changes would be sent out to all board users. However, notifications will not be sent out to anyone when an idea is moved to or from this board.

Release notes - August 20th 2020 - Pic2.jpg

3) Board description

  • You can now choose to add a description to any board where you can describe its specific function. This can be used in tandem with the welcome message to relate information on the goals and guidelines of the board. Whereas welcome message is likely to be more introductory and may only be seen once by the user, the board description can always be viewed by any user.

  • The board description can be added from the admin portal: (Admin portal --> Settings --> Basic settings --> General --> Board description).

Release notes - August 20th 2020 - Pic3.jpg
  • When the board has a description, it can be viewed by any user by either hovering your mouse over the board in the board listing view or the name on an open board.

Release notes - August 20th 2020 - Pic4.jpg

Technical background improvements

  • Long board names no longer stretch out in the admin portal.

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