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Here are release notes on the latest updates in the Viima's app:

1) Board groups

  • You can now create custom groups for boards in your board listing. This helps you bundle up boards together and helps normal users and admins find the boards they're looking for.

  • When in your organization's board list view (which can be accessed through the top left corner of a board or through your organization's Viima URL [https://app.viima.com/your organization]), you now have a button called "New board group" which allows you to create board groups.

Creating new board groups Pic2.jpg
  • Any admin can create a new board group, however they can only add boards to it in which they themselves are an admin. Once a new board group has been created, it is visible on the board list for those who can see at least one of the boards in the group.

Creating new board groups Pic6.jpg

2) Users can edit their ideas longer

  • We have introduced an update to how long users have the option to edit their own ideas after adding them.

  • Previously once there were any changes to the idea, for example a comment, like or evaluation was added, the idea could no longer be edited by the one who added it.

  • Now the update allows the one who added the idea to make changes to its name, description and category until an admin or idea responsible makes changes to the idea (e.g. changing its status).

  • This change provides the user who added an idea a longer period of time to make corrections or additions to it.

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