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Here are release notes on the latest updates in Viima's app:

Analytics Dashboard

  • The long-awaited improvement to improve Viima board analytics and reporting is here!

  • We've replaced the first page of the admin portal (home tab) to now house a cool and intuitive dashboard that presents insight about the board.

  • More about Viima's Analytics Dashboard can be found in this Knowledge Base guide.

Default idea tab

  • Previously the "Discussion" tab was always opened automatically when clicking on the idea bubbles. Since in many cases, the aim is to direct the user's attention to other matters such as evaluating the idea with Viima's evaluation feature, we've now made it possible to choose which of the tabs within the idea opens up by default.

  • You can adjust the setting here in the admin portal.

  • Note, that the discussion tab is still quite often the best default option as it speeds up the development and enrichment of the ideas!

User tutorial improvements

  • We've updated and improved the content of the tutorial that users can go through when they are visiting aboard.

  • The tutorial is now also shown automatically for all new users who haven't used Viima before.

The idea responsible can change the idea status

  • Now a person marked as being responsible for an idea (Idea's "People" tab) can also update the status of the idea.

  • This gives the responsible person the ability to really progress the idea and make the development transparent to other participants.

Technical background improvements

  • Internet Explorer login fixes with Office 365, Google, Facebook, and Linkedin login options.

    • Previously in some cases, users were not redirected to Viima's app after they logged in. Now this has been fixed for IE and also a manual button has been added to continue to the App should the browser not redirect the user automatically.

  • Knowledge base search.

    • The search functionality in https://help.viima.com has been improved significantly and now searches also from the content of the help pages, not just the titles. It's now much easier to find the help you are looking for!

  • Adjustment to how the board logo is shown in the UI.

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