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Here are release notes on the latest updates in the Viima's app:

1) Date type custom field

  • There is a new type of custom field that admins may set up on the board. The date type field allows users to choose a specific date from a calendar view and attach this information to ideas.

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  • The date type custom field comes especially in handy when you want to add deadlines to promote actionability for assessing ideas. For example, “When should this idea be implemented?” or “When should a decision for validation be made?”.

  • You may also use the date field’s information to search for a particular date or date range on the board using the advanced search. In the previous examples, this is quite useful if you want to find out which ideas’ deadlines are coming up.

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2) Anonymizing users

  • It is now possible for organization admins to anonymize users in Viima. The anonymization makes a user irreversibly unidentifiable in Viima across all boards, while still retaining the data they have added, such as ideas, comments and likes. You can find the anonymization option from the Users -tab in the admin portal of any board.

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  • Anonymization is an extreme measure and as such not typically recommended any time a user needs to be denied access to a board. Rather, marking a user inactive does this more sufficiently. However, sometimes anonymization is required or necessary due to regulations or employees leaving the organization. In these cases, anonymization is a simple way to make sure the personal data (such as: name, email address and profile picture) of the user is removed, while still keeping the data which they contributed to the board(s).

  • As the anonymization is an irreversible action, the rights to do this are limited to only those with an organization admin role.

  • If you face a situation where it is not possible to anonymize a user, this is may be because the user in question has access to Viima environments in multiple organizations. In this case, please get in touch us at support@viima.com for further help in anonymizing the user.

3) Changing an idea's status from the evaluation dashboard

  • The evaluation dashboard got an upgrade in actionability and convenience. Admins are now able to change the status of an idea directly from the evaluation dashboard when making idea-related decisions based on the analytics.

December 14th 2021 Pic 4.jpg

4) Rearranging evaluation metrics

  • The order of evaluation metrics shown on the board can now be changed in the admin portal in a similar manner to categories or statuses. Simply drag the metric by the two arrows on the left end of the metric. Changing the order of the metrics is naturally limited to metrics within a certain status.

Other technical improvements:

  • Range-based search for date and number type custom fields

  • Admin portal nor preferences page are no longer opened as separate tabs

  • Various bug fixes

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