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Here are release notes on the latest update in the Viima's app:

1) Featured images for ideas

Ideas can now have featured images or "cover images" to help get your message across and to aid in finding the ideas you're looking for.

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When adding an idea, you may now choose the featured image from within the idea input form. For existing ideas, a featured image can be added by an admin through editing that idea. The featured image may be chosen from your own device or directly from Unsplash, a stock photo library.

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If a featured image has been added, in addition to an opened idea, it can be seen when hovering your mouse above it.

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In the list view, the featured images can be seen at all times for each idea on the left end of the row.

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2) Decimal type custom field

We have introduced a new type of custom field which allows users to add numbers that include decimals as opposed to just integers or "whole numbers". This opens the possibility of providing more specific values without the need of changing the unit of measurement.

For example, if the preferred length of a component is in meters, typing 1.25 m instead of having to change that to 125 cm. Although the decimal type custom field supports adding integers, we decided to keep it separate from the integer type field, since sometimes it is preferred to have users only provide whole numbers instead of "something in between".

To set up a decimal type custom field, regularly create a new custom field and simply choose 'Decimal' as its type.

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3) Mobile app changes

The Viima mobile app now shows the idea's color, category and status directly when viewing the ideas on the board.

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Other technical improvements:

  • Database performance enhancement

  • Default value now works regularly for non-number custom fields

  • Idea responsibles are now directly visible in the board list view

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