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2023-08-20 – Message banner for boards
2023-08-20 – Message banner for boards
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Our latest release is a collection of smaller improvements, many of which have been highly requested by customers. Since these are mostly relatively minor improvements, we'll keep this one brief and only highlight a couple of these in more detail below.

Message Banner for boards

Our Message Banner has already proven popular, and we're now expanding its use to boards in addition to the organization home view.

It works exactly the same way as before, but board admins can now enable and configure this feature for their boards via the admin portal for whichever board they'd like to use it with.

Deeper integration with our new Help Center

Our new Help Center (which you are currently reading), is now even more seamlessly integrated with our app. Help Center links now open directly on top of the app instead of new tabs.

Other minor improvements

  • Highly requested minor UX improvements, such as:

    • Improved Kanban view theming & visualisation

    • Custom background images are now used for the list view too

  • Customers can now purchase more of our plans directly via the app

  • Yammer has been rebranded to Microsoft Viva Engage

  • More intuitive guidance for using our APIs

  • Improved privacy by anonymising IP addresses

  • Performance and security improvements

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