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Changing the name of a board
Changing the name of a board
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The board name is useful in conveying the purpose of your Viima board to users. Try to come up with something that's descriptive of what you're looking to do. Even so, it's usually good to keep the board names brief and catchy so that they are easy to remember and understand for users.

Changing the name of the board doesn't affect functionality so you can change the name of the board even if users have already started using it, just remember to inform them of the change should you do so!

P.S. To be able to complete the following steps, you’ll need to have an admin account for the desired Viima board. Please contact your Viima super user for access if you don’t already have an account.


If you already know your board name, the easiest way to change it is through the following URL:

If you do this, proceed directly to Step 2. Otherwise, start from Step 1.

Step 1

On your Viima admin account, go to "Settings" in the admin portal of your board

Step 2

In the "Application" sub-section, click "General". From here, you can change the board name

Don't forget to save your changes!

Green "Save" buttons can be found on all pages where changes can be made. Clicking this activates those changes.

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