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What is an Idea Challenge?

Idea Challenge is a focused form of ideation/innovation where you gather ideas around a chosen theme for a certain period of time, then refine them with the feedback of others, and finally prioritize them to choose a number of ideas to be developed into innovations. The theme of your idea challenge can either be an opportunity or a strategic focus area or an important challenge or problem that you're looking to solve. For more information on Idea Challenges, please refer to our complete guide.

When should I choose Idea Challenge?

Idea challenges are perfect for when you want to get a large variety of concrete ideas related to a specific theme, would like to map areas inside the organization that need attention, or perhaps focus on finding interesting new opportunities related to your existing capabilities. Idea challenges are great for engaging both internal and external stakeholders.

When to try another use case?

If you want to focus on incrementally improving various parts of your organization, you might want to check out Continuous Improvement. For a continuous innovation process, please refer to Innovation Management.

What does it mean for the Viima board?

Access controls

For Idea Challenge, we've specified the access rights on your board to "Allow listed users and users with an email address from the following domains" This means that only people who have been manually added to the list of users or have an account from the domain(s) you have specified can access the board.

From the login options, we've disabled all authentication methods except for Office 365, Google, and Viima. This means that your board can only be accessed with an Office 365, Google, or Viima account from the allowed domain(s).

From user restrictions, we have made it so that only those who have logged in can comment, or add new ideas. Liking is reserved only for admin users in the first phase of the challenge. You should enable this once you get to the phase where you're voting on which ideas to progress.

Sharing options

From the sharing options, we've enabled email and Yammer, both common channels for internal communication.

Categories & Statuses

We have set example categories and statuses for what your Idea Challenge might look like. However, these are only templates, and as such we recommend you take the time to create your own process and model that by using categories and statuses.

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