Views on Viima boards

Boards have 3 alternative views to support different kinds of use: bubble, list, and, Kanban. Switching between the views is quick & easy.

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What are views?

Views are essentially different ways to visualise and work with the data on your Viima board. All view modes are available on all Viima boards, and users are free to switch between them whenever they want to.

They look different, and there are minor functional differences between the views, but the data and settings are always the same.

What views are there and what are they good for?

Viima currently has three different views, as listed below. Each of them is designed to be used for different kinds of work users have in Viima. As they are designed for different purposes, each view has certain unique strengths, but also some limitations.

It is useful to understand these so that you know when to use which view. What's more, if you're a board admin, you can also change the default view for all users of your board, which makes it easier for your users to understand and use the software for the specific purpose you have in mind.

Bubble View

Typical uses: Brainstorming, idea generation, collaboration, visual analysis of ideas and the patterns between them.

The Bubble view is where it all began for Viima. It's a great way to get your innovators' creative juices flowing, as well as for exploring and visualising ideas. For this, the visualization settings and sorting capabilities are useful to understand.

However, if you need to systematically review ideas, or work on implementing them, the Bubble View is not ideal.

List View

Typical uses: Systematic review and evaluation of ideas, getting a quick overview of all ideas, and the data therein.

Viima's list view puts the ideas into a long list and shows related data in a table, just like Excel. Some love this, some hate it. But if you need to pack in as much information as possible on a screen, you can't beat the list view. This is obviously very useful, if for example, you need to systematically review lots of ideas.

Please note that you can scroll the view sideways to expose additional columns, as well as sort the data based on the value of any column by clicking the respective column headers.

Typical uses: Kanban & continuous improvement in general, idea execution, lightweight product and project management, getting an overview of the current idea funnel.

Viima's Kanban View turns your board into a fully fledged Kanban Board, which is great for a variety of things, but is most commonly used when you want to focus more on making sure that things get done, or for getting an overview of the ideas in your process. It's also good for spotting possible problems, such as bottlenecks or ideas that aren't making progress.

For more detail, please see this article.

How to switch between views on a board

Switching between views on a Viima board takes just one click

Switching/toggling between the views is dead simple: you just click on the icon for whichever view you'd like to activate at the bottom left corner of the board.

Viima will keep track of your personal preference for each board, so whenever you come back to the same board, you will see the same view that you used the last time you were on the board.

Changing the default view of a board

If you haven't yet been on a board, the default view set for that board will be shown to you when you first come to the board.

You can change the default from the Basic Settings section of the admin portal as indicated below. Please note that you need board admin rights to access and edit these settings.

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