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What is Open Innovation?

Open innovation is an interesting concept that, simply put, means that a company's innovation and R&D flows are not strictly internal, as has traditionally been the case. Both internal and external knowledge and expertise can be used to boost the effectiveness of a company's innovation activities. This approach stresses the importance of relationships between the firm and its outside collaborators. For more on the topic, please see this post on open innovation.

When should I choose Open Innovation?

Open innovation is perfect for getting diverse input and engagement from a wide audience that can include anyone from your customers to suppliers, partners, or researchers. It's well suited for cases where you're looking to either test your initial concepts with a real audience or are simply looking for fresh ideas or even scouting for talented individuals to hire on topics of high importance for you.

When to take on another use case?

If you wish to have a large participation on your board, but it contains secret or otherwise sensitive information that you don’t wish to share with the public, you might want to check out Innovation Management. If you're looking to run a limited-time campaign, you might want to consider Idea Challenges.

What does it mean for the Viima board?

When choosing a use case, some of the default settings on your board will be preset specifically for that use case. If you wish to change these settings, you are free to do so. However, we recommend that you read on to find out why we’ve chosen these settings.

Access controls

When choosing the predefined open innovation board setting, we’ve disabled the login requirement to your board from access rights. This means that your board is publicly available and anybody can freely access and view the content on your board at any time in the spirit of open innovation.

In order for you to link ideas, comments, and likes to specific users and know who's been active, we have, in the user restrictions, made it so that only those who have logged in can like, comment, or add new ideas. This makes the amount of likes more meaningful because it's more difficult to game and will also lead to higher quality ideas and comments than if people could do that anonymously. Additionally, this helps you better keep track of participants and allows you to ban anyone that misuses their privileges.

To accommodate for this we've also enabled all the login options, except AD FS, so people can log in to your board with their Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, Office365, or Viima accounts.

Sharing options

From the sharing options, we've enabled all channels. This is to ensure the best possible visibility for your board and its ideas.

Categories & Statuses

We have set example categories and statuses for what your ideation process in Open Innovation could look like. However, these are only templates, and as such we recommend you take the time to create your own process and model that by using categories and statuses.

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